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At every step we leave behind a copy of ourselves,

Of what we were when we made it.

Looking back after a long journey

We can see the ruins of an old crumbling wall

Which used to divide us from the world

An old wall made of the shells we left behind,

Old cocoons we got out from.

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An insider journey in the Land of the Dragon with the top European specialist: us!

The Country of Gross National Happiness is a unique pearl: Large as Switzerland, less than 800.000 people, 70% covered by forests, 7000m Himalayan peaks, warm and welcoming Vajrayana Buddhist culture with an amazing artistic heritage, free Western level education and healthcare systems for all. At the very least a once in a lifetime journey everyone must take.

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Eventi in programma

  • Mindtrek in Valle Maira - A Hidden Jewel in the Alps
    09 ago, 19:00 – 19 ago, 15:00
    Provincia di Cuneo, Borgata Superiore, 8, 12020 Marmora CN, Italy
  • Spiti: the valley of Dharma
    lun 21 ago
    Spiti Valley
    21 ago, 09:30 – 03 set, 18:00
    Spiti Valley, Sichling-Dhankhar Gompa, Dhankhar, Himachal Pradesh 172113, India
    A 2-week trek and meditation journey along one of the most remote valleys of Indian Himalaya, to discover Tibet as it was 30 years ago. One of the places I love most on Earth!
  • Nubri: Le Grand Himalaya autour du Manaslu
    21 ott, 19:00 – 05 nov, 20:00
    Lho, HP8H+R7W, Lho, Nepal
    Finalement un Mindtrek francophone! Et quelle randonnée! Deux semaines pour explorer une des plus belles vallées du Népal, au pieds du Manaslu.
  • Kailash, the sacred mountain of Tibet
    sab 06 lug
    Kailash Mansarovar
    06 lug 2024, 08:00 GMT+5:45 – 28 lug 2024, 08:00 GMT+5:45
    Kailash Mansarovar, Burang County, Ngari Prefecture, Tibet, Cina
    A 3-week trek and meditation journey around the most sacred mountain in the world.
  • Bhutan - adventure "à la carte"
    Time is TBD
    Paro, Paro Valley Paro, Paro 00000, Bhutan
    UMA, SIX SENSES, ... a luxury, sustainable, comfortable and mindful trip to know Bhutan and its spiritual legacy. I will offer all my experience, discretion and knowledge to navigate deep into this wonderful Country.
  • Mindtrek à la carte sul mare
    Time is TBD
    Santa Severa
    Time is TBD
    Santa Severa, SS1 Km 52, 00058 Santa Severa RM, Italy
    Venerdì sera e sabato di Mindtrek sulla spiaggia con notte nel magnifico castello di Santa Severa con accesso riservato e pranzo al ristorante.
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Guido Freddi-Poswick

antropologist, trekking guide AIGAE,  MBSR meditation instructor

I am an anthropologist specialized in neuroscience and contemplative practices, 

I'm also a certified (aigae) trekking guide and certified (mbsr) meditation instructor.
Years ago, while shooting a documentary on the civil war in Nepal, 

I met women and men who faced hunger, cold and all the difficulties of a 5000m Himalayan pass. 

They were on a pilgrimage aimed at giving meaning to a life marked by hardship and wretched of hedonistic pleasures.

They settled in my heart until my eyes became more sensitive to their spiritual presence.
In the remote villages of the Himalayan valleys the poorest children in the world played and laughed.

Happy with their fantasies, they shone with a treasure that I perceived but could not see, 

so I began to search for it, shyly pretending to do something else. 

It didn't take long for the treasure to find me. 

Monasteries nested among 8000m peaks appeared to me, exceptional guides pointed me in the right direction, 

masters capable of satisfying my skeptical mind reconnect me 

with that dreamy, sensitive and adventurous child I had been and had forgotten.
Pilgrimages and circumambulations became an important element of my studies, 

A universal river of eudaimonic well-being flows under all spiritual paths, 

a profound truth available to secular minds too. 

Learning to meditate I re-learned to walk:
No longer to conquer peaks or to attempt records, but to meet myself in the world.
Thus was born the Mindtrek, as a path that gives back to the word Nature the pure and profound sense of reunion 

of our Inner Nature with the Nature that hosts us and cares for us.
Mindtrek is a pause to catch your breath between two steps. 

It's a rhythm that slows one down from the constant shoving of an unnecessarily anxious world.
It's a new and ancient way of rediscovering a dormant but never completely lost well-being.

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What's Mindtrek

Small giant steps

Mindtrek is a way of walking that removes step by step the layers between ourselves and the world accumulated in a liftime and even more. Mindtrek brings us back to our inner quiet and to our psychophysical well-being and consists in the integration of walking with meditation, based on ancient contemplative practices supported by modern neuroscience.
The effectiveness of mindrekking is linked to a precise protocol that requires a guide with a broad spectrum of academic background and contemplative outdoor experience.

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Mindtrek invitations with 

Viaggi dell'Elefante

Daily and week-end Mindtreks

Starting Christmas 2021 I will be on a spiritual retreat and in a solitary mindtrek.

My activity as a Guide is on hold until August 2022.

corno grande alba.jpg

4day MINDTREK in GOZO (Malta) March 2022

We'll travel with Viaggi dell'Elefante to Gozo for 4 days dedicated to mindtrekking, sightseeing, meditation, yoga,  ayurvedic massage. We'll be hosted in a 5-star Ecoluxury® resort.

The mountains of bears and wolves

From the more Dolomitic sides of Terminillo and Gran Sasso to the karst plateaus that suddenly open up between immense beech woods, there is a world that has remained wild, where cattle live without fences and the wolf and the bear are the real lords of the territory. This is the world of San Francesco and the great National Parks, an ideal environment for mindtrek both in winter with snowshoes and in summer with the coolness of high altitude. From one week-end to a whole week we can offer you a great brake from stress, though walking, sightseeing and Ecoluxury® philosophy of travel.

Etruscan wilderness

Less than one hour from Rome there's a wild and ancient world with impenetrable gorges, many waterfalls, tall forests, large pastures with great views over the sea,  among medieval and Etruscan ruins. A very varied territory suitable for mindtrek in all seasons.

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Great Mindtreks

Himalaya, Tibet, Mongolia


from September 2022

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11 days to discover the real Nepal

Machapuchhare is the sacred peak of the Gurung people. It dominates a luxuriant hill area lying at the foot of the 8000m high Annapurna range. This Mindtrek is conceived for those who are at their first experience in Nepal, with enough time to sightsee World Heritage sites and trekking to traditional Gurung villages and Buddhist monasteries. Mindtrek pace is never rushy (4-5 hrs walk/day) and is interspersed with relaxing meditation pauses.

Manaslu Trek.JPG


Mindtrek in a secret valley

This 18 days trek will take us to a remote valley of Himalayan Nepal where contemplative practices flourish and where we will be welcomed in true friendship in villages and monasteries. The perfect valley for mindtrekking to the roots of Mindtrek.



The valley of the monasteries

While most monasteries in Chinese Tibet were looted and destroyed by Mao, Tibetan culture is flourishing in this remote northern Indian valley, where some of the most ancient monasteries safely keep Vajrayana secrets at the foot of 6000m peaks.



The most sacred mountain of Tibet

For thousend of years Mount Kailash has been considered the mythical Mount Meru, the abode of Vishnu, of Padmasambhava, of Buddha which connects heaven and earth, mind and body. From India to Mongolia, from Kashmir to Bhutan, every year pilgrims of all religions of the East face the difficult circumaambulation of Kailash after having traveled thousands of kilometers on foot to get there.

Documentaries and movies

Below you can watch some footage of documentaries I shot during my work as an anthropologist.

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